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The World’s Greatest Chefs

Regardless of their area, professionals always seek out to grow, and one of the most effective ways to go beyond your limits is looking at the big names in your field of choice. Thus, anyone who works in a restaurant kitchen and dreams of going up the ladder should know who are the best chefs of the world and follow their work and teachings.

As we speak, maybe with a slight subjective margin, the best chefs of the world are:

  1. Gordon Ramsay – a unique perrsonality, at times like a volcano, but fully committed to flavors and cooking. Although it seems that his big dream was a professional football career, we’re glad he found his true calling in the kitchen, because the world of cooking definitely would not have been the same without him. And don’t you dare think his celebrity is overrated – it’s not by accident that TV stations court him so frequently – he currently holds 14 Michelin stars (and he was also the first British chef that managed to get 10 Michelin stars).
  2. Jamie Oliver – you can’t not know and like him. Writer, TV host, chef and a genuine food revolutionary figure, famous for his passionate support of complete, healthy cooking, with 100% natural ingredients, while also rejecting anything fast-food.
  3. Wolfgang Puck – a wizard of fusion blends among the most diverse of cultures and the first choice of many celebrities for the private events they have to host.
  4. Marco Pierre White – one of the main influencers of contemporary cuisine and the one who was, at that time, the youngest chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars (back then he was 33). He believes in growth by sharing, so it’s no surprise that even Gordon Ramsay was trained by White.
  5. Anthony Bourdain – the man who started off as a dishwasher, but who managed to climb all the way to the top throughtout two decades of hard and gifted work.
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