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The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

You might find this hard to swallow, but the most expensive coffee in the world is made through a process that is… let’s just call it surprising for now and leave the bad news for the end.

First of all, we’ll tell you that this very special kind of coffee is called Kopi Luwak and a single cup of coffee of this kind can even cost 100$ (and no less than 35$).

But why is this coffee so special? OK, we won’t be able to say it in any other way than bluntly – basically, we are talking about a coffee obtained from partially digested beans and the digestion is a lovely little mammal’s job called a civet. Yes, this remote relative of the house cat freely eats the cherries that attract it, it digests them and the end result is harvested.

It definitely doesn’t sound very appealing, so why would such a thing exist on the market? Theory states that it is because its unique flavor, a flavor given by the unique digestive process that these beans go through inside the civet; among other transformations, it is known that the enzymes involved make the beans less acid, thus less bitter, less rich in caffeine, and also in proteins. Furthermore, because instinct guides animals towards the best food and the civet is no exception to the rule, the little mammal is likely to choose the fruit that is best and most ripe, so the raw material is supposed to be of high quality as well…

Of course, things happen until the coffee cup stage. It starts with separating the beans from the other organics, then the beans get washed, sun dried and put in a pestle, where they are pounded in order to lose their outer coat. As for the final drink, well, this kind of coffee can be made in absolutely any way the classical, “un-fermented” kinds are cooked.

And now, really, would you try this? 🙂

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