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What Do Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Mean Anymore?

Legend has it that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but very few of us still make time for it. Maybe we get to escape a bit from our work for lunch, although lunches aren’t what they used to be either – quite often we have it late and on the run. Dinner seems to have become the main meal of the day and – what do you know – most have their dinners pretty far from what could be considered daytime. However, modern paradoxic lyfestyle issues are not part of our scope, but we are definitely interested in consumer habits.

Actually, we got to thinking about all of these after we found out that some of the strongest worldwide trends in the food industry are a bit odd. So here’s what a study uncovered:

  1. 30% of consumers often buy breakfast foods well after the (hipothetical) breakfast time of the day ends. In fact, more than a third (35%) would go to a restaurant that they wouldn’t necessarily attend, if it served “breakfast” long after the morning hours.
  2. 26% of the study participants would love to have for breakfast courses that are usually served for lunch and dinner: burgers, tacos, pizza, etc.
  3. 32% out of all respondents are brurnch fans, in the sense that they’d fully enjoy a snack that is kind of like a second breakfast some time before lunch.

While it is true that all of these are probably more relevant to how things are in the United States, we often tend to follow the North-American trends, and – who knows – maybe a business idea can emerge out of all of these. Maybe a breakfast restaurant open all day? Think about it, especially since the Start-Up Nation Program hasn’t ended yet!

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