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Beluga Caviar

How about you spoil yourself with some information on one of the absolute symbols of luxury, if an actual taste isn’t really an option…

Yes, we are talking about caviar, Beluga caviar in particular, and we’re starting off with telling you that a single kilo of this lovely thing can usually cost up to $25,000 and not less than $7,000. OK, it’s true, you’d enjoy something like this in really small quantities, thus not in portions scaled in kilos, not even in hundreds of grams, and this does lower the price. But for the most expensive variation, even a single bite might cost you about $2,000.

Why is it so expensive? Because of its very limited availability. This caviar comes from Beluga sturgeons in the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Caspian Sea, but it’s not only about a geographical limitation, but mostly about a biological one. Not only are we talking about a single specie of fish, but this particular one actually needs 20 years until it reaches sexual maturity, thus until it can produce eggs.

Why would there be such huge differences in the price range? It’s because the price depends on the sturgeon’s age. Older fish are more valuable and they produce lighter eggs (the lighter the more expensive), but they also range close to the color black (the least expensive ones). The most expensive ones are diamond white, they’re produced by a rare specie of albino sturgeon and are known as ”Almas”. This kind of fish is found in Iran, and the eligible ”donors” are somewhere between 60 and 100 years old; furthermore, it is said that they tend to swim in a less polluted area (the Southern part of the Caspian Sea).

The world record for the most expensive Beluga caviar that was ever sold/bought is, of course, about this variety and the price was $34,500.

How do you enjoy it? Well, taste and opinions are divided, but it’s a fact that something this valuable should be kept in impecable conditions, so we’re highly recommending you professional refrigeration solutions.

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