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Fun Facts about Coffee

Most of you have probably started your day off with a coffee. Maybe you’ll be drinking at least one more coffee cup today. Maybe you’re drinking it because you need it. Maybe you’re simply enjoying it because you love the flavor, or maybe it’s part of a ritual. But it’s a fact that we are talking about one of the most popular drinks in the world, whether it’s consumed black, with sugar, with milk, with cream or even more “sophisticated” in the form of a latte macchiato, a cappuccino, an amaretto, a frappe and so on.

In fact, coffee is so loved that every day there are about 2.25 billions of coffee cups consumed all over the world. And if the number itself isn’t clear enough as a reference for the magnitude of its consumption, know that the only traded good that is more valuable than coffee is petroleum.

If we were to go back to numbers, we could also tell you that 54% of all Americans drink coffee every day (and the people of New York drink almost 7 times more coffee than the inhabitants of other US cities), each of them spending an average of 1,092$ every year especially for this drink. However, the biggest coffee consumers seem to be the Dutch, Netherlands having an average of 2.4 cups of coffee per capita each day.

Or maybe you’d be more impressed if we were to tell you that the very first webcam was invented specifically for watching a coffee pot? Yes, this happened in Cambridge, so you might say that the black delicious liquid also stimulated the progress of technology, and this without taking into account the countless inventions that were born in the middle of the night thanks to bright minds stimulated and awaken by the energizing effect of coffee.

So enjoy your coffee! Although it seems that you can only take full advantage of the benefits of coffee if you drink it in the morning, between 9:30 and 11:30; otherwise, if you drink it in the evening, you can affect your circadian rhythm, delaying it by as long as 40 minutes.

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