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Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cooking is becoming more and more popular in restaurants all over the world, although it’s not necessarily something new. Hypothetically, the 70s are considered to be the time when this style began to grow, but it’s likely that, one way or another, by that time it was already around for quite some time. And if we had to put a name on the initial movement, no other name would be better suited than Wolfgang Pack’s, the chef who was bold enough to combine the tastes of Asia and Europe in his Californian restaurant in the 70s. In fact, he was so dedicated to his mission that it is said that California was a purposely chosen location, since it was halfway between Europe and Asia and even the name of the restaurant, Chinois, the French word for Chinese, had a strong fusion core.

What does fusion cuisine mean? Basically, fusion cooking combines elements from different cultures and the mix of ingredients, spices and techniques merge into a final dish that can’t be fitted into any of the “classics”. So this means that you can either combine the styles and the flavors of more regions, or enrich a traditional dish from one culture with elements from a completely different culture, or even replace all the ingredients and keep the cooking techniques.

How did it emerge? Of course, the constant desire for innovation in the kitchen is partly to blame, but fusion is also a natural consequence of the cultural mix we have today in our big cities.

However, every cook knows that not all combinations lead to harmonious results, so the idea of fusion can be quite a challenge. The art behind the process means, of course, a bit of courage for trying out something new, but you can’t simply choose the ingredients in a random manner. The master cook has to know his tools and his creativity is always somewhat controlled.

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