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The Best Chefs in the World

The prestigious French magazine Le Chef keeps a steady eye on the whole world of gastronomy and based on their observations and expertise, the editorial staff makes every year a ranking of the best chefs in the world. This ranking reunites 100 big names in the global field of cuisine and we believe that at least the first three deserve a bit of attention here, on our blog, especially since this magazine is created by professionals for professionals in the field.

It’s probably not very surprising that out of the 100 names in the list 35 are based in France (top 10 actually includes 5 French chefs), 12 in Japan, 8 in the United States, and the rest of them scattered all over the world. Just as expected is that the first name in this ranking, thus the best chef of 2017, is set to be French – Alain Passard. His “temple” is the Parisian restaurant L’Arpege, a place he opened in 1986 and who is currently marked as having three stars in the Michelin Guide. What a lovely gift for the 30th anniversary of the restaurant (and also for the 20th anniversary of the three star ranking)!

The second name on the Le Chef list, Martin Berasategui, is of Spanish heritage and you might say that he’s remained faithful to his roots, since all of his eight Michelin stars come from Spain: three from the restaurant named after him (in Lasarte), three from the restaurant in Monument Hotel (Barcelona) and another two from The MB Restaurant (inside Ritz-Carlton Abama, Tenerife).

Number three, Pierre Gagnaire, is almost a soul of a poet shaped into a body that chose to express his poetic depths in the kitchen. Sure, cooking is an art anyway and anyone who successfully mixes ingredients and shapes dishes into plates definitely needs to have particular abilities… But Pierre Gagnaire has a completely unique understanding of cooking, raw ingredients and everything related to these. In fact, it was this perspective (embodied in very brave courses) that made him famous and it is of no surprise that today he keeps going back and forth between East and West – from Seoul to London, Dubai to Paris, Tokyo to Las Vegas and so on.

The rest of the ranking can be seen here, but we highly recommend that you go beyond the list of names. Research them, read their stories, learn from the wonders they’ve created.

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