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2019 Summer Drinks

Granita or frappe will peobably never become out of fashion. Neither will the classic cocktails such as: mojito, cuba libre, tequila sunrise, margarita, pina colada, daquiri, hugo etc. They are all fresh, delicious, cooling and everybody knows their all-time favorite. But looking at the bigger picture, it would seem that there is a bit of a „trend” when it comes to mixology, kind of like in the world of fashion, and each summer is kind of starting to have its own stars – so we decided to look around and see what specialists estimate for this summer and we came across some interesting drinks that would look pretty good in Romanian drinks’ menus as well.

Espresso Martini – strong and energizing (vodka, kahlua, espresso, ideally in equal amounts, and plenty of ice)

Aperol Spritz in different variations, with full creative freedom on fruit, champagne or the flavored sodas that mix into it (we’re reminding you that a classic Aperol Spritz is made with prosecco, orange, sparkling soda, Aperol and ice)

Cocktailurile cu Aquavit, the alcohol of the North (for example, Bitter Almonds: Aquavit, cynar, Amaretto, tonic water, ice, a slice of lemon and a bit of mint for garnishing)

Tom Collins with a refreshing cucumber add-on (gin, lemon juice, syrup, sparkling soda, ice and cucumber)

Cocktails based on alcoholic beverages that have strong vegetable flavors (for instance, green Chartreuse, gin, lime juice, syrup, egg white and ice)

Also, it would definitely be interesting to see a bit more courage among bartenders and restaurants, bars, cafes, terraces and so on. Courage proven by unique mixes, „signature drinks.”

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